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Confessions of a Dangerous Girl

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The #1 Teen & Young Adult Spy Story New Release

"Twisty, action-packed and fun to read ... Emma is a bluntly humorous narrator, think of a young Deadpool ... [or] a young Villanelle." - Love (an Indie Books We Love August 2023 Pick)

"An exciting, plot-driven thriller for young adults, but it’s equally a character-driven examination of the inner world of a quintessential cool girl ... An engaging novel with a consistently smart, funny, and self-reflective narrator." - Kirkus Reviews 

Diagnosed as a psychopath as a child and trained as an assassin by the CIA, Emma Garthright is no ordinary teenager. But now Emma faces the one mission she isn’t prepared for—making friends at an ordinary high school.

Sixteen-year-old Emma has spent most of her life at the remote Early Institute, a boarding school operating under the guise of helping children like Emma become better people. But the Early Institute’s altruistic facade hides a darker motive—secretly turning its students into the deadliest assassins the world has ever seen.

Emma’s newest mission requires her to go undercover at her hometown high school, where to succeed she must do the seemingly impossible—win the trust of the school’s most virtuous student, Susie Robinson, by truly becoming a better person and helping Susie gain the affections of her crush, Brayden. But is Emma capable of changing? And why does Brayden seem more interested in her than in Susie? As her new life starts to interfere with her mission, and it becomes clear just how dangerous the Early Institute really is, Emma will have to call on all her considerable skills to save her friendship with Susie while keeping them both alive. Narrated in Emma's unique, unmistakable voice, Confessions of a Dangerous Girl is filled with suspense, humor, and a warmth that belies its dark subject matter.

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